Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1). Can these new "self-priming" paints, such as "Sherwin Williams Duration", "Benjamin Moore Aura" and "Behr Premium Plus Ultra", be applied on anything? NO. The "self-priming" paints, are excellent for most wood surfaces, including bare wood surfaces, often extending exterior coating durability to eight years and beyond. However, those products do NOT work well on metal, vinyl and masonry surfaces, as well as severely peeling surfaces. We use specific products for those surfaces.

2). Why is it important that my painting contractor is licensed, bonded and insured? Are product and workmanship warranties important?
The state of Minnesota does not have licensing requirements for painters. However, the city of Minneapolis does require a Mpls. specialty contractor license and a $10,000 performance bond for contractors working in the city of Minneapolis. Your painting contractor should have general liability insurance (minimum one million), worker's compensation insurance and auto and equipment insurance so that you minimize liability risk. We provide a three year written limited workmanship warranty so that you know that, after our painting crew leaves your project, the work will hold up for years to come. The lowest painting bid received likely will not have one or more of these requirements.Our recommended paints and stains typically have industry leading product warranties.
3). How long will my project take to complete?
We always indicate in the contract an expected number of days required to complete your project. Most exterior projects take 3-5 days. Most interior projects typically take 2-4 days. Several rooms can be "wall painted" in a single day.This being Minnesota, exterior project schedules are very dependent on the weather conditions!
4). Once my project is underway, who can I talk to if I have questions?
The lead painter on your project is the best contact. The office manager can be reached during business hours or you can always call or text message the estimator's mobile phone or email him for immediate concerns or questions.
5). What can I expect before the painting crew arrives?
Exterior projects are typically pressure washed three to seven days before painting by a separate pressure washing crew. Repairs and light carpentry work is often performed at this time as well. The paint and materials are typically delivered via courior one or two days prior to the painting crew's arrival. Our trailer arrives with the painting crew and remains on-site until we are completed with your project.
6). How do I know that all work has been performed? The lead painter will perform a "Walk-Thru" with you at the end of the project to ensure that all work has been completed. The remaining paint, in neatly labeled cans, is left for you for future color matches or future projects. Our three year written limited workmanship warranty is further assurance for you that Preserve Painting has the durability of your painting project foremost in mind.
7). Do you perform free exterior painting estimates in the winter and free interior painting estimates in the summer?
YES. We perform free exterior painting estimates in the winter because some clients prefer to "beat the Spring rush" and have their painting projects completed as soon as Spring begins. We perform free interior estimates all year round because we paint interior projects all year round.
8). Can you dispose of my unused or old paint? Yes, we can recycle or donate your old paint. That's another Preserve Painting Advantage.