Preserve Painting Inc.

Preserve Painting has painted over 1,000 interior and exterior painting projects in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area. Preserve Painting's specialty? We do the substantial preparation work required to achieve extended durability whether for interior enamel painting or exterior siding and trim painting or any other surface.
Preserve Painting values personal integrity, good relationships and a professional painting experience. All painting projects are completed in a time-tested, systematic manner, using professional equipment and skilled, uniformed painters. Choose the Preserve Painting... Advantage.

Request a meeting with our knowledgeable estimator (twenty years painting industry experience) for a professional evaluation and on-site typewritten proposal on your next painting project. Call Preserve Painting at 952.933.9968 or click on "Request a Free Estimate." We will arrange a meeting at your earliest convenience, typically within 24-72 hours.


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